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The men’s hair replacement course is ideal for barbers and hairdressers dealing with male clients. The  course demonstrates how to restore hair in the crown and receeding hair lines in men suffering from male pattern baldness.

Loss of hair can be just as distressing for men It is usually expected that a man will find it quite easy to shave off the remaining hair. There is however a significant percentage of men who are not comfortable being without hair can be just as affected as women it can also  lead to lack of confidence, depression and many other things.

Today, there are lots of different solutions from many companies all claiming to be the best when you think of alopecia, hair thinning and hair loss. Men in this situation will test and try different formulas to find the best solution for their hair loss. Some of the methods force the clients to go through painful surgeries for hair restoration. Other methods will require the client to live on medication with possible long-term efects of their overall health.




  • How to carry out a full consultation.
  • Creating a template for your clients.
  • Customising a hair system to fit the required area.
  • Colour matching the client’s natural hair with the replacement hair system.
  • How to correctly apply a hair replacement system.
  • Client aftercare tips.
  • How to correctly remove hair replacement r