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integration hair replacement system is our fully accredited training course. The integration hair replacement system is a specialised solution for clients who are suffering from hair loss, alopecia, thinning hair, or for those whom extensions are not suitable as their hair is either short or chemically damaged.


Over the years we have created our two-day accredited training course this course is great for anyone wanting to Set them self apart from the rest or for someone wanting to embark on a new career path by becoming a hair integration specialist and create your own opportunity to have an extremely rewarding career in helping people feel amazing about them self and give them there self-confidence back. Whilst benefiting from a new revenue stream. The hair integration system is extremely versatile and can be tailored to all clientele with up to 70% hair loss, so all your customers can have the long, thick/fuller hair they desire.

How our Hair Replacement System works

After a full, personalised consultation a fine breathable mesh is shaped to the client’s head or custom made to fit any required area of coverage. The mesh is secured to the head by pulling tiny sections of the client’s natural hair through and securing. Premium quality human hair in the clients chosen type and colour is then sewn into the mesh and blended with their natural hair to cover any balding patches and give the appearance of a full healthy head of hair. To finish, the new hair is then cut and styled to the clients desired shape as it would be at the hairdresser. The client will then need to return every 4-6 weeks for a maintenance session depending on how fast their hair grows. The system lasts for up to 12 months and is swim, sweat and windproof, allowing clients to say goodbye to wigs and have something that feels like their own hair.


The Benefits the Integration Hair Replacement System offers your clients
fuller/thicker hair
Enhances the appearance of natural hair
Suitable for up to 70% hair loss
No need for a  wigs
Water, sweat and windproof
Lasts up 12 months
Only uses natural, premium quality human hair
Easy to maintain
Helps clients regain confidence
Suitable for a wide range of clients with complex requirements


how to conduct a consultation

How to colour match

Managing client expectations
Fitting and placement of the systems
Application of the mesh and hair
Different techniques to apply the system
Maintenance and removal of the systems
Cutting and blending

In this 2-day accredited course we will cover everything you need to know for you to start offering this advanced and specialised service to your clients, including, health and safety, pricing, trade suppliers, discounts, insurance and marketing initiatives. You will be provided with manuals and a full professional training kit which includes everything you will need to apply, maintain and remove the bespoke hair systems. We will also provide you with post course support and full Accredited Certification.

JUST £950 with just a £150 non-refundable deposit:

Who will be teaching me:


you will train with Lisa the owner of bespoke hair and brow solutions who has been working in the hair industry for over 10 years and is a fully qualified Teacher Trainer and Assessor Lisa is very Passionate about helping people with hair loss and helping them become confident in them self again it is now our plan at BHB to be able to give others the skills to allow others to offer this service, so it is more widely available to people suffering with hair loss.

interlace hair system course

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