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Our Wax and Tint  Course will teach you how to safely and successfully wax and tint the eyebrow and lashes

You will be guided by our highly experienced tutors on a 1-1 bases you will also have a manual providing all of the informatin requierd to carry out the sevice safley.

Through each stage  you will be guide through the process on how to perform waxing and tinting treatments for your clients, also you will learn the theory and safety procedures involved in practising these treatments to the highest standard.

 This is ideal for those who would like to learn treatments for to start up their career within the beauty industry.

Upon completion of this course you will be fully accredited with a certificate, we will also link you up with our insurance company so that you can start your work straight away.

Brow perfection course

  • This course will be done on a 1-1 basis and you can provide your own model or one can be provided for you upon request.